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- Road construction reports 1987-1998 (federal ministry of traffic)
- commemorative publication on the occasion of the opening of A4 freeway between Dresden and Görlitz 1999
  The notorious Aichelberg ascent on the A8 before the reconstruction (photo taken in 1987)
  Aichelberg ascent after reconstruction. You can see the old road on the left (photo taken in 1990, shortly before the old road was demolished)
  Construction of the new Schnaittach valley bridge (A9 - widening to six lanes) (photo taken in 1996)
  New autobahn section near Schnaittach after completion of valley bridge (photo taken in 1998)
  Werra valley bridge (A7) with parallel running high speed train line (photo taken in 1993)
  Wertach bridge (A7) (photo taken in 1992)
  Bridge over rhine river near Köln-Rodenkirchen (A4) (photo taken in 1995)
  Construction of Oder bridge near Frankfurt/Oder (A12) (photo taken in 1996)
  Construction of Triwalk valley bridge (A20) (photo taken in 1996)
  New border crossing station Pomellen (A11) (photo taken in 1996)
  Construction of the new border crossing station at Waidhaus (A6) (photo taken in 1996)
  Elb tunnel in Hamburg (A7) (photo taken in 1997)
  Tunnel Eching (A96) (photo taken in 1997)
  A9 at Junction Rippachtal (photo taken in 1997)
  Construction of A46 between Arnsberg and Meschede (Ruhr valley bridge Wennemen and Tunnel Olpe) (photo taken in 1997)
  Construction of Kyll valley bridge (A60) (photo taken in 1997)
  Construction of Saale valley bridge Schkortleben (A38) (photo taken in 1997)
 Autobahn in the former GDR (east germany)
  A4 at exit Ohorn. Yes, that's an exit on the right side (photo taken in 1990)
  Elster valley bridge near Plauen (A72). Construction started in the 1930s, but the bridge wasn't completed until 1992 (photo taken in 1990)
  A72 in the former border area near Feilitzsch (photo taken in 1990)
  Grain silos on the A4 near Weissenberg (photo taken in 1990)
  The same silos seen from a bird's eye view
  Bridge for the A4 near Weissenberg, built in the 1930s
  Road condition of the A4 during communist times (near Bautzen)
  A4 between Dresden and Bautzen after reconstruction of the first half (photo taken in 1993)
 Rest areas
  Rest area Helmstedt (A2) (photo taken in 1995)
  Gas station Zweidorfer Holz (A2) (photo taken in 1995)
  Rest area Dresdner Tor (A4) (photo taken in 1995)
  Rest area bei Lauf (A9) (photo taken in 1996)
  Restarea Dresdner Tor (A8) (photo taken in 1997)
  Rest area Illertal-Ost (A7) (photo taken in 1998)
 Maintenance and environment protection
  Snowplows (photo taken in 1987)
  Drainage at the A38 (photo taken in 1997)
  Green bridge over the B33 near Radolfzell (photo taken in 1997)
  Green bridge over the A20 near Grevesmühlen (photo taken in 1998)
 Electronic signs  
  Possible displays of electronic signs
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